Our Products

Online 4 Less buys their products straight from the suppliers to make it cheaper for our clients. We source our products from the best retailers and product houses. Our ranges include many high-end products and accessories.

Our Product List

Face Cleansers – A wide range of face cleansers from different cosmetic houses. It includes foam, gel, and cream cleansers.

Face-Moisturizers (Day and Night Creams) – Moisturizing night and day creams from different product houses. Anti-ageing and sun protection ones are also available.

Nail Polish – Any color you can think of from the top houses. Glitter, matt, pattern, clear, etc.

Base and concealer – Different shades of base and concealer from all the main cosmetic houses.

Eyeshadows – Every color in the rainbow and many more eyeshadow colors. Glitter, matt, and cream eyeshadows available.

Mascara – Normal, high volume, waterproof, and many more mascara products from the best cosmetic houses.

Eyeliner – A variety of different colors. Pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, and other types available.

Contouring products – Light and dark contouring creams and powders available from different houses.

Hair Brushes – Round brushes for styling and other standard hairbrush types available.

Makeup brushes – All types of brushes available. Different sets and styles.

Nail clippers and other tools – All manicure-related tools available in sets or separately.

Emery boards – Different colors, grades, and sizes.

Foot care products – Foot cleansers, scrubs, and creams from different ranges. Repair creams and other tools also available.

Sponges and cotton wool – Cleansing and make-up sponges in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Cotton wool swabs, Q-tips, cotton balls, and containers available.

This is our basic product list. The product ranges come from different cosmetic or beauty houses. We do not carry all ranges by these houses, but we try to get all the most popular ones. If you are looking for a specific product that is not listed, please contact our beautician for more information.