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Welcome to Online 4 Less. This will be your single most important site visit today. We cater for all your cosmetic and beauty product needs. We source our products direct from the warehouses to make sure they are affordable for everyone. We carry products from the most well-known and high-end cosmetic houses.

Our product range is very extensive and includes everything from face cleansers to manicure tools. Visit our OUR PRODUCTS page for more details about our products range. We have an online beautician and products expert that is at the ready to answer your questions and give you more information about our products. She can also give advice on beauty or cosmetic related issues.

Online 4 Less aims to make cosmetics and beauty products available to all women. We believe that a woman who looks good feels good and confident. We all deserve to look and feel good. That is our motivation for starting this business. We found a way to make cosmetics affordable for all. We carry high-end ranges, but also the other ranges that might be less well-known, but just as good.

Our customers love the products and prices. Many women no longer shop anywhere else because they find everything they need right here. We often get feedback about how the products are working. Based on this we also expand our ranges or take products away that are not working. Our customers and what they want are very important to us. We use your feedback to help make our online store better for you.